Starting At The Gym, It’s Easy! Don’t Be Discouraged.

Hey Everyone!
In Japan as spring approaches and the new school year begins we see Japanese people prepare for things that most people in western countries do in January. One of those things is to start going to the gym. Below are my 5 key tips for people first starting out (these are not in order of importance):

Don’t Feel Judged
No one is in the gym to bother you, watch you, or judge you. We always feel as though people are always watching us; however, in most cases people are glancing your way because you’re new. People are there to work out not judge you.

Lift Properly
It doesn’t matter how much you’re lifting as long as your lifting properly. 5kg is   just as effective as 15kg if you’re lifting it properly. Stay focused and lift effectively.

Know Your Goal
From the moment you set foot in the gym you should know your reason for being there. Each time you should know it. If you don’t you’ll quit within a few weeks, so keep yourself as motivated as possible.

Stay Healthy
Starting a fitness journey doesn’t start and end inside the gym. It is important to know that eating right with your new gym regiment is crucial to prevent injury, burn out, and hormonal imbalance. Eat right, to lift right. If you’re lifting correctly you’ll be hungry, and I mean always hungry.

Ignore The Scale, Look At The Mirror
One of the reasons people go to the gym is to lose weight, an admirable but misguided goal for the average person. Most people who start going to the gym will notice they are gaining weight, it’s normal. Don’t let it discourage you from going to the gym. Look at the mirror if you’re getting smaller but weighing more, you’re doing it right.

Remember to enjoy it, or you’ll never wanna go back.